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Drug Rehab for suspended driver

Woman in Coroner case to enter drug rehab.

CO-defendant coroner to enter drug rehab program

push for drug rehab over incarceration faltering

Delaware, Trinidad to colaborate on drug rehab education

Would mexico pay for drug rehab

Queens Drug Rehab Fined $16.5M for Fraud




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Drug Rehab - Success Story

It has been quite an experience! I was very skeptical at first about the power of the Sauna Detoxification, but after a couple of weeks in the sauna I saw my first change. I was working out at the gym and looked at my face--my face looked different. It was healthier and younger looking, that was a huge win. I went through some tough times during the process but I see it as "It was all for the better." I feel cleaner and healthier.

I have been in the fitness field my whole life, but this is a feeling of purity that I have never felt before. I want to keep this feeling forever! I can not say enough good things about the Sauna Program, New Life Center, and the staff here. They are so dedicated and have changed my life forever!


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