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Adam's Story

I was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1976 to a 3rd generation American Jewish Family. I did well in school as a child, but after my parents separated when I was ten years old, I started having difficulties at home, though I still did well at school. I began to abuse drugs in my early 20s.

After I graduated from college I immediately found a job in Ft. Lauderdale. I took a Silver Spoon Course at a yacht academy and became certified in Silver Spoon Service and found work on a yacht. The pay was good, I met people in the area who lived on land and they started to take me out to the clubs. That is when I started using methamphetamines, just a little at a time. First I was snorting it but eventually started smoking it and really got hooked. I started using GHB, ecstasy and ketamine. At first this seemed to be a fun life, however eventually I quit my job and lived off my savings. My roommate kept me supplied with drugs. My mother sent money for a while, based on the promise that I was looking for work.

When I visited my mother in Atlanta, she became alarmed, because in spite of the fact that I was living in a beach city in Florida, I was very pale and thin. Finally I confessed the truth of my drug abuse to her. I had reached the point where I was living and sleeping in my car because I could no longer stay with my friend. Eventually my brother flew down and drove me home.

Once I got home to Atlanta, I was able to manipulate my mother into believing that I had quit using drugs, but I was in fact going out on the weekends and still using. This weekend use again, as is had in Florida, turned habitual. I found odd jobs for a while – all the while using drugs. After I quit my last retail job, I did not work for several years.

In 2003, my oldest brother died in an accident. This threw me further into the addiction. My mother knew I was very depressed, but she did not understand that I was still addicted. She was drowning in her own sorrow and did not press me to go to work. I was abusing drugs on a daily basis, and keeping it from my family. I was spending all the money she was giving me and blowing my inheritance.

Drugs were not fun anymore and I could not even pretend they were recreational. I was addicted. My family had put me through school but I was not doing anything with my education.

I woke up one day and said “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.” I went online for methamphetamine abuse rehabs. I told my mother I still had the drug problem and that I needed to go to rehab. She was very upset and like many parents wondered if it was all her fault. Gradually I got her to see that she had been a good mother. She had not failed me as a parent and it was not anything that she did – it was my responsibility. She called the family advisor, who is also the family attorney and a federal judge. He told her he had heard of this rehab and that it was a good program. He advised her to get me into the program immediately and within two days I was at the rehab with my mother at my side.

The sauna detoxification helped relieve my chronic anxiety; I started sleeping better, was more alert and just felt better in general. When I completed the sauna I made the decision I was going to complete the program. I had no doubt whatsoever that I was at the right place.

The Life Skills program section helped me apply myself, to be responsible, to be trusted and complete projects. I have learned that when things don’t go the way I want them to go, not to give up. I can overcome barriers to get accomplished what I want to accomplish. I have learned about morals and ethics, and that it is actually more fun to be ethical. It is great to know that I am helping others.

This program taught me to think outside of the box without abandoning my own faith. Change is within me and I am determined to continue to improve my life daily.

I think it is essential that families are involved with a recovering addict’s treatment. My mother has been involved with my program from the beginning and has visited the center several times to learn more about the program.

Things are so much clearer to me now and I have grown to appreciate the small things. I am convinced that I am going to be successful at whatever I do and I want to continue working with marketing and be a part of this family. My life is better than I ever thought it could be. It has a deeper meaning and I am committed to make a difference in the lives of others.

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