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Queens Drug Rehab Fined $16.5M for Fraud




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There can seem to be no end to the suffering of addiction to drugs and alcohol that inflicts on otherwise good families. At times it can seem like there is no way out and hope seems like a distant dream.

The truth is that a person addicted to drugs and alcohol can actually leave their addiction behind and regain the ability to lead an enjoyable, happy and productive life.

Discovering that true recovery is possible and that the restoration of a life, once thought to be gone forever, is possible can be the most incredible and joyful accomplishment any loving family member could ask for. Make it yours.

The First Step Program

The First Step Program is a drug-free approach to withdrawal. It is a program designed to help an individual come off drugs without experiencing the wretched withdrawal symptoms that often set in while a person is kicking a drug habit.

In the First Step program, alcohol and other drug addicts come in voluntarily to an educational, hands-on workshop, accompanied by a sober, supportive family member or friend. In a one or two day format, these addicts learn about and start immediately using specific nutritional supplements, communication exercises, and other self-help assists to radically diminish the discomforts of physically withdrawing from drugs of abuse. Then, still on a voluntary basis, at home and calling in daily, or daily coming in to some designated place, these persons step down off their addictions at whatever gradient is workable for them, with the support of their help-mate or family member.

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