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Drug Rehab - Intervention Success


Holly C - Interventionist

I recently had the pleasure and surprise of meeting Holly about my husband, who is 71 years old. He has had a lifetime of self-medicating with prescription drugs or alcohol or both and he had finally gotten to the point of 'no return' in being able to function. Holly was highly recommended to me by an attorney whom she had done an intervention for with regards to his daughter. He said he had great success with her and felt that she could get the desired result.

I wasn't sure at first, since she was a female, how my rather narcissistic husband would relate, however, after about 20 minutes on the phone with her, I was about 75% convinced. I met with Holly the next day for lunch, and by the end of lunch I was convinced she could do it. She was very confident and her approach of 'one on one' was what I needed. My husband's four children tried recently to do a family intervention, but it was a total failure and they decided that they would step out of his life until he agreed to get help.

That evening I met with Holly and the attorney (my husband's divorce attorney) who recommended her and within 2 hours total, he had agreed to get help in a long term program.

This was a complete miracle. Something I never thought would ever happen. He has been there 9 days now and is doing well, with only a few bumps in the road, which is expected. I can count on Holly to be available to answer my questions and guide me in helping my husband through the entire rehabilitation process.

This morning I heard from him and he says he is committed to the program and is happy for the first time in so many years I burst into tears. I feel as though meeting her was the answer to our prayers, like having an angel swoop down from heaven and save the day.

I am so grateful to Holly for her excellent job!



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