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My name is Tyson. I am a recording artist and the former Qualifications Supervisor of a branch of a major worldwide organization. I am attending Devry computer school and currently recording an album.

And, oh yes, did I mention that I was a Heroin addict?

Two years ago I was living on the street and doing heroin intravenously everyday. Then, I got on the Methadone program. That is when I started to use less Heroin. But then the Cocaine started up again. Then I started using Heroin to kill the jones (cravings) from the Cocaine. In effect, I started as just a Heroin addict. After I started Methadone...I became a “Heroicocadone” addict. I started with one and ended up with three. See the Methadone is actually a synthetic opiate and more damaging then Heroin itself. And doesn’t handle the issues of why I used in the first place.

Did you know that methadone was first marketed as “Dolophine”? That it was most probably named after Adolph Hitler in the 40’s, by the German psychiatrist that made the drug originally?

Trying to get off the prescribed methadone was harder then getting on it! It was like pulling teeth! They just didn’t want to wean me off! I actually had to save up some of my weekend carries for a month or two, and then I left town and weaned myself off it! No help from the doctors. And the withdrawal was another story entirely.

Well, I have felt nothing worse than Heroin withdrawal...except withdrawal from methadone. It was 10 times worse, and 10 times longer. I was pulling out my hair and didn’t sleep for two weeks!

I went to this rehab. And that was the only thing that got me straight. My
own self-desire and determination to beat my addiction and to take responsibility for my condition. AND TO BEAT THE STIGMA THAT I AM DISEASED AND POWERLESS, AND THAT I AM AN ADDICT FOREVER. Because I am not. And it is my choice. No drug or doctor or physician makes that choice for me. I did it. And I did it drug free. And I did it with people I consider to be life long friends. I did it at this rehab.

Thanks Guys

Tyson F.

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