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I believe that life in general has become sunnier and more fulfilled in direct proportion to my ability to overcome the hesitations I have about expressing myself, my true self. I no longer struggle with certain fears, and believe that I have developed the strength and confidence to manage my fears and rid myself, my life from this paralyzing place I have been in for the last 10 years.

When I got here I carried a 1000 pound load (so if felt) of anger around with me everywhere, making me weighed down, played out, squashed, bent and a sort of dead feeling I couldn't deny. I have become aware of that anger and resentment, I can now acknowledge my feelings and sort through them. I know that I can accept the right to my anger and in a way it can guide me. I've learned to express my anger constructively which leads me down the path where I won't need to experience resentment or guilt.

For once, I finally feel free. I've learned that anger can become a valuable tool when learned to express it well. I can step back from my feelings and now ask myself, "what can I accomplish with this anger? Should I reconnect with a certain person? Right or wrong? Understand the situation better? Be understood? Or even free myself from a harmful relationship?

I've learned constructive ways to release pent up anger by confronting after releasing the unmanageable anger. Being in the sauna has helped me realize that we are all imperfect and that non-forgiveness dams the natural flow of spirit and if we allow it, healing carries the ability to heal body, mind, soul and spirit through talent for listening deeply to our internal, inherent wisdom so that we all may be able to reach euphoria like I did due to repressed feelings that lodged in my body in the form of tensions, unhealthy habits and stress induced chemical changes my body ached. I am free from all aches and pains. I am comfortable and happy.

My body, mind, soul and spirit have been cleansed free from impurities that have accumulated throughout what I use to call treacherous years lived. Now I see those years not as treacherous years but many years of teaching to where now I have learned how to be comfortable and confronted in all lives trials and tribulations. I feel free from all accumulated impurities like drugs, good, chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and radiation.

My reflexes are as fast as lightening. My vision is as clear as a perfect diamond. My hearing as sharp as a two edged sword. I am more than happy to say that all feeling has come back and it feels good to cry and laugh. It feels good to be back and in full effect, all for the good. I am happy to say that this technology has truly freed me from the chains of bondage that have been holding me back for so long. Finally, I can say I have truly reached the End Phenomena!!!

T.A. – Drug Rehab Program Graduate

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