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Drug Rehab Success Story


Drug Rehab Success Story

by the parent of a graduate of a Drug Rehabilitation Program.

Chris, as family knows him, was a beautiful, happy child. He was bright and articulate and very tender hearted. He would hug everyone in a room with little prompting when it was time to say goodbye. We did all the usual things as a family, soccer, swimming, and cub scouts. Things seemed to change when Chris was in the 8th grade. Chris started to be friends with kids in his class that were older and were having hard times with divorcing parents or family conflicts. He empathized with his friends to the degree he took their problems on as his own.

He became rebellious and angry. As he entered his freshman year of high school, he started spending more and more time with these friends and although we were suspicious of his activities, he was so sincere that he wasn’t doing anything wrong and just wanted to help his friends. We thought this was normal teen behavior. We all became involved with a local theater group. He loved to perform and then got interested in the technical side of theater. He stayed busy performing and was a teen leader within the group.

Sophomore year he was caught at school with pot, and while it was a minuscule piece, the no tolerance rule applied and he was suspended for the remainder of the year. Finally, accepting there was a serious problem, we sought family counseling. During this time he continued to go out at night and many times not come home until morning or days later. He became more and more rebellious and would come home high and get in huge arguments with his father. Family members offered to help by sending him to military camp or other family members, but I could not turn my back on him. We joined a support group for teen addicts where the kids met together with a councilor while the parents met separately. I think this became a place where he could 'hook up'. He continued to make bad choices and be involved in dangerous and illegal activities. Then during his senior year he decided to drop out six months prior to graduation. The school didn’t do much to talk him out of it. I think they realized he had no ambition to complete the tasks he needed to do and my words were useless.

We were at a loss as to how to help him. He decided it was time to move out and make his own way and quiet frankly, we were relieved and thought responsibility would force him to grow up. There had been years of sleepless nights filled with worry and fear for his safety. He had always managed to do well in his jobs, but usually messed up any promotional opportunities by not showing up or being late. As he moved into a house with several roommates, by all appearances he was doing well. He kept a job for over a year, was promoted and taking on more responsibility. He was paying his bills. By all appearances he had finally grown out of the 'party' stage. He had even been going to AA on and off. He was now 22 and we thought he was finally going in a positive direction. However, we became suspicious when he started needing to borrow money to make ends meet. Then he took the biggest step of his life when he came to us and confessed he had been living a lie and that he was addicted to heroin and felt he would soon die from the addiction. He wanted help. He had already decided to put himself in a local state 'detox' center but felt a 12 step program would not help him.

We went online and found this program! The people were so encouraging, yet very realistic and soon he was on a plane. We were so proud of him on graduation day. That was two and a half years ago and he continues to make us proud, but more importantly, make himself proud. I knew he had truly recognized how important it was to live his life clean and with goals when we were at the beach on a family vacation. Some of his old friends (not the “druggie pals), but longtime friends were visiting. He recognized that he had come such a long way and some of them were in a 'time warp'. They were not moving forward. He liked moving forward. I knew he was okay. I owe many thanks to this program for giving my son the tools he needed to succeed in life and my son for using them.

K.R. Parent

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