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Woman in Coroner case to enter drug rehab.

CO-defendant coroner to enter drug rehab program

push for drug rehab over incarceration faltering

Delaware, Trinidad to colaborate on drug rehab education

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Queens Drug Rehab Fined $16.5M for Fraud




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I came to this rehab in 1990. At that time I was not a happy person. Though I maintained in life I found that I had times when I was extremely depressed and just didn't care. All through my teen years I had done a lot of drugs and thought that life was a party but when my early 20's came and my life had no direction I found myself increasingly depressed and confused about myself.

Doing this Program really increased my responsibility in life and made it possible for me to be happy in my life.

Since doing the program I have a new found purpose in life. I am now not only able to help myself and improve the condition of my own life but I also dedicate myself to seeing that others are able to achieve this same stability for their lives. I have nearly 13 years clean and I also went out and got my Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting. I can really make things happen for myself now – something I couldn't do on drugs.

Every day I contribute something good and beneficial to society and this makes me proud to be me. That is a wonderful thing. It also makes me feel good about being a mother - knowing I can set a good example for my child.

This rehab has given me direction and purpose. Now each day is a new adventure that I can look forward to!!!

R.R. Drug Rehab Program Graduate

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