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Drug Rehab - Red Ribbon Week Oct 2006


During the last week in October support Red Ribbon Week by wearing a red ribbon as a symbol of awareness and a choice to live a drug-free lifestyle 365-days a year.

It began as a grassroots tribute to DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) hero, Special Agent Enrique Camarena, who was murdered by drug traffickers. Within weeks of his death in March of 1985, Camarena's Congressman and a high school friend launched a Camarena Club in his hometown of Imperial Valley, California. Other clubs continued to spring up. Club members pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices made by Camarena and others on behalf of all Americans. From these clubs emerged the Red Ribbon Week Campaign.

Red Ribbon Week is now nationally recognized and celebrated to further the cause for which Camarena gave his life. It is also a symbol of support for the DEA's efforts to reduce demand for drugs through prevention and education programs. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to drugs.

The U.S. centers celebrate Red Ribbon Week by redoubling their efforts. Through school presentations, distribution of drug education materials, and participation in many community based activities and events, they broadly distribute the message of "a drug-free life."
It's a time for students to become more aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. To help
create this awareness and encourage students to say "No" to drugs and alcohol.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that drug use in the workplace costs employers approximately $81 billion annually in lost time, accidents, health care and workers' compensation costs.

· Substance abusers are six times more likely than their coworkers to file a worker's compensation claim.
· 60% of employed drug users work for smaller companies.
· 30% of drug abuse in the workplace involves prescription drugs.

More and more companies are addressing this problem by implementing a drug-free workplace program, consisting of drug education and training for workers and supervisors as well as employee assistance for those already involved with substance abuse.

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