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Many people have managed to get themselves off of drugs and live the rest of their life without drug addiction. Drug addiction is not a state that one has to deal with because they can't change. It is possible to achieve a full rehabilitation.

We can assist you, or someone close to you, with finding and effective drug rehab center.

The best method of drug rehab today is one that gets the addict off drugs with out using drugs. In other words, a rehab program that is without medications. Contact us to find out more about successful drug rehab methods and how to get help for a loved one. Fill out the drug rehab help form below or call us at 1-877-801-5475.

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Types of Drug Rehab Programs

Finding a drug rehab program that works can be a daunting task. When a life is in the balance family tensions are high. Legal consequences may also be a factor. To add to the mix is a myriad of theories, experts, websites and TV shows quick to grab the attention of anyone looking for answers. It is a frustrating and confusing time.

If we get behind drug rehab and prevention programs that instill individual responsibility, we are helping individuals learn that they are responsible for their own condition. This may be a new concept, but it can be taught and it is possible to learn to be responsible.

Regardless of what other theories are behind the mechanics of addiction, without stressing personal responsibility in our treatment and education, we are likely to help foster the growth of a new generation of zombies, unable to care for themselves and constantly putting others at risk. It is a big load to put on an already strained society.

The Bio-Physical Method of Drug Rehab

This highly effective method uses a dry-heat sauna cleansing process to get the toxic drugs out of the addict’s body. From years of advanced research, it was discovered that the body uses fat tissue, amongst other methods, to clean drug toxins out of the blood stream in an effort to decrease the toxicity of the blood. These stores of toxic fat remain in the body for up to 5 or 6 years after the addict has stopped taking drugs and can be later released into the blood stream creating depression and cravings.

Some of the heavier drugs like cocaine, heroin of crystal meth actually bypass the brains normal method of being happy so when the drug leaves the blood stream, an addiction can be created to avoid the depression. After the drug use has stopped, it can take as long as an entire year for the brain to restore the chemical balance of the brain.

The Bio-physical method uses a sauna and essential vitamins to remove these toxins that are stored in the fatty tissue so there is no more anxiety, depression or cravings. With exercise, vitamins and proper nutrition, the balance of chemicals will return much faster which gives the addict a good chance against addiction. This form of drug rehabilitation treatment will use life skill courses to build or restore social abilities and show the individual how to not only be a member of society who is productive but also one who is without drugs. This method of drug rehab has a success rate of over 86% and is why the Bio-physical treatment centers are often recommended for the drug addictions of today's society.

12 Step Drug Rehab Program

These drug rehab methods are also known as Cocaine Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

In 1934 there were two alcoholics who desired to end their addiction from alcohol. In their struggle they developed a 12 step program that kept them off the bottle and used their steps to help others. This program lasted for up to 3 weeks to a month and had a moderate but none-the-less successful beginning and soon became the nation’s main treatment for addiction.

When the hard drugs of today appeared into our culture, it was a simple progression to use 12 step method for these heavier addictions because there was no other rehab available. As there was no other treatment available, this method grew across the country. For this reason the 12 step program is available in most cities. Today the success rate of this program is approximately 5%-10% depending on which facility you choose. Private Facilities may have a higher rate of success.

Behavioral Modification Drug Rehab Programs

This method of rehab was created to work on the A Social Personality, or someone who is self centered. This technique relies on boot camp style tactics where the addict is berated by his peers and hopefully rebuilt into a more social person. This method of "rehab" has been of some use with young teenagers who are on a road of destruction towards society. However, due to its very marginal success rate of about 10%, most other methods are recommended. Due to this reason very few drug rehab centers use this method.

Long Term Religious Methods of Drug Rehab

It is called long term because the program requires the individual to go away for 1 ­ 2 years and work on a farm far away in the country. This method also combines the religious treatment of using prayer and bible study to give the addict direction and values. The success rate of this program has been hard to determine as only about 10% of the addicts will make it to the full completion. However, of those who do complete it, there is around 20% - 40% who stay clean form hard drugs. Due to the long term of this rehab, it is usually not available to most addicts because its waiting lists are long.

Use of Methadone as treatment for drug addiction

Methadone is much harder to quit than any other drug that the person was taking before (including heroin). This method just adds to the problem. Methadone treatment is not drug rehabilitation.

Methadone clinics do not restore a person's life but just change the drug of choice to methadone. This makes it legal for an addict to get a fix as needed and also makes billions of dollars for the clinics so this method is not intended to get someone off of drugs.

Many detox and rehabilitation centers give the addicted person anti-depressants which is just another drug added to the existing problem.

Anti-depressants add to the feelings of depression and failure as well as bring with them side effects such as suicide.

Since social neglect and criminal behavior are frequent companions of drug abuse, it stands to reason that a workable drug rehab program would emphasize establishing a system of ethical and acceptable behavior. These are things that can be learned, regardless of what is going on with one's brain.

There are thousands of drug rehab programs across North America to handle the devastating problem of drug addiction. Rehab help has not been uniformly successful amongst the multitude of drug rehab programs, much to the dismay of the addict or their parents. In fact some drug rehab programs' idea of rehab help is to substitute the addict’s drug of choice with a substitute drug like methadone or anti-depressants. This is not a form of rehab help at all as the addict is not drug free but now under the control of a drug rehab program that is now making profit off of the addict’s addiction. Rehab help is best done by a drug rehab program that gets the person off drugs without substituting one drug for another. The best form of rehab help are from drug rehab programs that can do this without drugs at all.

Many addicts have tried to get off of drugs by themselves or have done drug rehab programs and failed. This is because the rehab help offered by these drug rehab programs are based on rehab help developed to address alcohol addiction, like the 12 step program. This method of rehab help was not designed to handle the heavy drugs of today like cocaine, heroin or meth. In fact the success rate of this drug rehab program is only 5 to 10 percent. Rehab help is most effective when the drug rehab program actually gets the drugs out of the person’s body so they do not create cravings after the person has stop using.

It is interesting to note that one of the first drug rehab programs was the 12 step drug rehab program. In 1934, two alcoholics got together to address their addiction and the rehab help they created is the same program used by most drug rehab programs across the nation.

When people think of rehab help they often perceive that the person who is going to a drug rehab program is using heavy drugs like heroin or cocaine, but nowadays prescription drug addiction is rapidly on the rise. The mother next-door may be addicted to pain killers and in need of rehab help. They may have even gone to several drug rehab programs only to wind back home and back on drugs after the first argument with her husband. This is why a good drug rehab program should also include courses in helping the addict cope with the social problems.

If you are in need of rehab help or are looking for an effective drug rehab program, please call us now at 1-877-801-5475.


Antidepressants Cause Suicide.

On Sept 14, 2004, an FDA panel voted 18 to 5 to require manufacturers of all antidepressants to add black box warnings to their product labeling. A month later, the FDA adopted the panel's recommendations. The warning reads in part:

Antidepressants increased the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior.

A "black box" warning is the most serious warning placed on the labeling of a prescription medication.

HBO Addiction Project

In an effort to help families HBO is be airing a special project on addiction. For more information on addiction and the truth that was left out of the HBO Addiction Project call now 1-877-801-5475


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